Friday, April 6, 2012

When a surgeon walks in....

When your surgeon comes in, late in the evening smiling.. you know it has to be good. Dr McDermott came walking in just like that this evening. First words out of his mouth, "I was about to leave for home, but I saw your scan, I just had to come show you." "I am very pleased" as he pulls up the images on the in room computer. Right in front of me, where there once was still so very much tumor. There was none. He continued to scroll through slides of my hubby brain, and clean slide after clean slide. The only spot of cancer left is in an inoperable area. Which we knew was not safe to remove. But due to the characteristics of the tumor-- this is a small detail. To see well over 95% of the tumor gone... its a HUGE relief.

To say the least I spent the last hour crying tears of relief.

 Relief... relief that we are beating this cancer... relief that the stress and exhaustion is worth it.... relief because I have wondered did we make the right choice... relief because I am a stressing lady today... relief simply because my husband has so much less cancer now, then he did hours ago.. relief because Joel and I both cried out of thanksgiving... relief because who doesn't like to hear good news? I guess Good Friday will always be special in our hearts for a whole other reason.

We are so thankful. We know the hand of God has been on every aspect of this entire journey. God has used the surgeons in an amazing way. We are so thankful to be in the capable hands of UCSF- they are a top neuro hospital for so many reasons.

Thank you for praying. Fasting, supporting and loving on us. Thank you God.


Anonymous said...

That's amazing Jill. So happy for your family! Gretta

Carol said...

Amen!!! Thank you Lord for guiding the Surgeons skillful hands. Rest and get strong, Joel. We love you and will continue praying for a speedy recovery. By the way, what's that growth on your chin? You trying to look like a mountain man? HAHA. Jill, did you get my suggestions for a good comedy to watch? Love, Bill and Carol

Anonymous said...

Sending prayers!! I don't know your family but have been watching your blog through a friend...just know your an inspiration to others! Sending hugs...keep strong. The work you are doing as a wife is important and you are amazing!! God bless you and your family. Heather