Thursday, January 26, 2012

Game Day!

Good morning. So I guess this is the day! Its time to put on our game faces and fight fight fight! 

So what exactly are we fighting?

Well I will give you a quick idea without alot of extra jumble. 

This is a normal healthy brain scan. The main thing to know is the top is the eyes, the right side of the brain is on our visual left. And the brain should generally be symmetrical. 

Here is an image of Joel's Brain. He has a solid tumor surrounded by a unknown fatty/blood/liquid/infection whatever-- this is also part of the tumor. Also note that the brain tissue is being pushed around by this bully. Today it has to go! As much as possible! 

Joel is still asleep.Thankfully he did rest, and I did too. We have a battle to fight and I am firmly believing the battle has been won, and this will go smoothly. I am believing this is benign, and not cancer. 

While Joel continues to sleep, I am encouraged by friends, family and the fact that God is in control. 

Joel and I face one of our biggest battles today. I am thankful Joel will be asleep and not remember most of it. Me? well I will be surrounded by friends, family, love and all around more prayers than I can even imagine. 

Tonight in the ICU the mama bear inside me is in full protection mode for Joel. I am thankful that we are in my home hospital and that the care he has received has been full of love. I am so relieved that he will be in the ICU with my amazing co-workers taking care of him.

Once the tumor is out, our DR Kokkino, should have a basic idea of what we are looking at. The tumor will be sent to pathology as well. We are claiming right now that God knows. He has gone before us and prepared whichever road we are facing.

Noon. 1200- Pacific Time, is our go time. I ask that you pray. Pray specifically for Joel, as he has never had surgery. Pray for anesthesia as they are vitally important today. Pray for the techs and nurses and most of all for Dr Kokkino.

Do pray for me, our family and our little princess. Pray her little heart and mind are guarded and protected as she goes without seeing us today. We feel this is best. 

So this is it. Soon Joel will wake up, if he isn't too dizzy we will do a quick shower and plan on buzzing his head. Don't worry we will have fun! hehe
Joel is strong and young. This day will go well. Fast I wish, but I suspect these may be some of the longest hours of my life. But we fought to keep our princess inside until the time was right. We can fight this. 

So game on- what is intended for bad. I know is going to be good.


marlece said...

yes Ma'am I'm in prayer today.

Carrie said...


Krystina said...

I found your site through a friend on Facebook. Please know that I will be praying for you and your Joel today. God Bless!

Ada said...

I sent Joel's name to Mt Angel Abbey to post his name on the Monks' prayer board for the monks to pray for him.
God's healing on him.

Sherrie said...

I can not read your posts without weeping. I am thankful Joel is strong, I am thankful he has you and Evey to fight for a normal life. I believe he will come through this in the best way possible and be back at his card playing table at work soon. (saw someone post they were missing him from this position) Love you all so very much.

Moongirl said...

I've gathered my prayer warriors and we are praying.

Steffanie said...

Moongirl led me here...prayers in full force today. Hugs to you and your family.

Tawnya said...

Praying today and days to follow. Gods hand is on you all. Love you.

Anonymous said...

I am a friend of Hayley and she shared your blog. I commend you for your faith and positive thoughts. I will lift you up in prayer as well believing and standing with you in faith knowing that God is sovereign and He is with your family on this journey. May the Prince of Peace cover you and keep your heart as you lean on Him.

John said...

Hello Joel and Jill,
Thank you so much for filling me in at church when it comes to what happened, the surgery and all. I am so glad to hear that I was an encouragement to you when you first began attending our church. My wife and I would love to get together with you two, have you over for dinner soon. Please let us know what would be a good time. John and Lee Gallinger @ 541-852-3089. We are praying and believing with you. John