Friday, April 27, 2012

Just a day

I love it. Just a day. It's simple it's routine it's kinda normal.

Joel was painful this morning so while he and princess watched tv, I cooked a yummy breakfast! I love bacon from the oven! Amazing!!

His pain improved, a friend came by and it's always nice to see friends!

Tonight princess was wild. It's exhausting to be her sometimes and nap did not happen today... Of course we got our self wound up and mommy was exhausted too. Joel became tired pretty early, but rallied around to help me shuffle and pay bills.

I hate medical bills. Thankful for insurance... But these bills are rude! Seriously! If you do not pay within 10 days we will send you to a creditor. Ten days ? To pay hundreds? You can have what I can pay and no more... Gee wiz dirty debt collectors.

Honestly I would not have paid a single bill tonight if it was not for our friends and family. The generosity is humbling and I am thankful I was able to pay so many.

Tomorrow is spring football! We are excited for a fun day! Pray for no pain... This is huge... It's so hard to cope with at times!

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