Thursday, April 5, 2012

He kissed me!

He woke up enough kissed me and said... "hi babe" slowly but understandable! He is still not moving toes yet but he is not even two hours post op. He squeezed my hand!! It was weak but purposeful! Thanks to mapping we know all the motor neurons work... They just need to recover!

He had no major bleeding, seizures or blood pressure issues. His heart rate is steady and his color is fair!

Pray for no seizures, nausea, pain control as he is hurting, and for movement! Also pray for rest and peace.

He kissed me when I left and said "I love you." that my sweet friends was beautiful!

Thank you for surrounding us in prayers and love. This has been a long but peace filled day.


uncle marky said...

Very beautiful! Happy to hear sis. :-)

Anonymous said...

Praise God! Rest well, both of you~

Anonymous said...

The Lord is always good.
Praise the Lord!