Friday, April 20, 2012

Ot, art show and ten years ago...

Today we went to rehab and met Joel's ot. She is great we feel like we made an ally in this recovery. Genuinely caring and desiring to help us.

Preschool had a fun art show fundraiser it was fun to see what our beautiful girl created! She had fun at her art show! Do keep praying for her, stress is hard to understand when you are three... She is so smart. Hears everything and understands so much. Thankful for those that are around us routinely that strive to protect her heart with me. Frustrated that not all understand how smart and quick she is... Every stress over heard she quickly hears. I see counseling in our near future talk about trauma..

It's hard to parent in this. Joel is present but I am doing the large majority of parenting at this point. As his patience wears thin quickly. As does his energy.

He is walking well but balance still needs time and therapy.

He will go to rehab twice a week. Shoulder strength and his ability to focus, as well as learning to cope with his impulsive nature will all be addressed.

He is off of steroids in the morning. Pain is manageable, but tonight has been worse. Stress impacts him greatly and social gatherings can also bring some stress. As well as noise. Princess was so happy Ducky was there with her though.

As for me? I am tired. Today has been long for more reasons than one. My body hasn't been cooperating and I have been having endocrine problems again so back to the doc I guess.. Probably stress but I can't figure out why we would have stress? Ha

Oh and ten years ago we had our first date! Yep April twentieth! Saturday market on earth day! I love Eugene! Little did we know that ten years from now our life would be together filled with our miracle daughter!! We couldn't be more thankful. We have been so blessed. We fought for her. We will keep fighting for each other and to beat to cancer booty!

Thank you for continuing to love and pray. Your support is felt daily. Honestly in my moments of quiet I know we are surrounded by love. I couldn't be more thankful for your encouragement.

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Jenay said...

Praying! For healing strength and endurance...for the whole family.