Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another three months and now two weeks

We passed our last scan!! Woot! No emergent trips to Cali! Thankful thankful!

So we have been busy celebrating! This scan was easier to be excited about for some reason!

Life is starting to return to a new normal, as normal as it can be with a spouse with brain cancer. He will never be cured until there is a cure, not will we ever be free from this blasted cancer, but no growth---I will happily take!

Between bowling and a coast trip I was looking at pictures and thrilled to see something back. Joel's beautiful smile. It's amazing that even though its been a year since his first surgery, it just hasn't been the same until this past month! I can't even say how much this makes me smile!

Our next scan is in three months and two weeks, our Dr's way of keeping me/us from panicking about increasing time between scans! So thankful he gets me! Ha!

Joel is working 4 days a week and this is something we are happy about, his drs and other health care workers are surprised/glad about, yet it feels like some, who aren't in this pocket don't fully understand how amazing this is! None the less we are thankful as he continues to work hard that "he is able."

The other weekday is filled with dr appointments and cognitive therapy to help Joel learn techniques to complete recovery.

Me? Work has been busy, I am finally feeling better, though I still get short of breath after two or three flights of stairs.

Princess keeps us on our toes constantly making us laugh/cry and answer questions, I never knew a four year old could create.

Life is going on. I once feared it was over. But I realize now it was just a jump start into something new. I still miss our BC days. We still find ourselves hesitating on what may lie ahead, but we don't dwell on it. For we know, God has dragged/carried us this far...

Continue to pray for complete healing in Joel. Pray for my sister in law Hayley, Aaron and the boys as the next few months will be the hardest leg of their journey- chemo continues then surgery.

May we all live each day at a time, knowing our God will never leave us. (Even when we feel alone.)

Thank you for continuing to pray.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Another scan

It's that time again, the familiar thump thunk of the MRI machine. I am thankful for insurance and the technology that has been useful in my hubby's care.

This MRI is 45 minutes long and is very similar to this machine...

Praying for another three months of clean scans! We will know more next week! I always get a bit edgy going into these for one extra spot could mean an emergent trip to California....