Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bags are stuffed

Our bags are mostly stuffed, packed umm whatever it's called... Joel is asleep after a wonderful day with each other and friends!

We miss our daughter and are eager to be in our own bed! Joel tires without a nap... And as an effect of the exhaustion he can be twitchy... Joel has improved strength daily, but like last time he is worn out by the end of a day. He states he is about eighty percent...

Pray as we fly tomorrow, pray against seizures specifically. Also pray his large wound would heal rapidly, and that as we taper steroids again and stop his blood thinners that there would be no side effects.

I am anticipating a quiet week with dr appointments, rest and time with our daughter.

If you want to bring a meal please email, as I have not reset meal train yet.

Thank you for love support and prayers. The moments have been filled with deep peace knowing we are not alone.

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