Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stitches are out

We have the stitches out! Our dr was pleased with his progress and positive. We are thankful to have such a caring healthcare team in our corner!

To be honest that after Joel had his stitches removed I was anxious to leave the brain tumor center... It was nice to be surrounded by other patients who have travelled near and far to this center of hope.

After our early appointment Joel decided he wanted to see the golden gate bridge and ocean.. He also wanted to the pier so we flagged a taxi and off we went... Here are a few Pictures from our day.. This was about four hours of adventure! Joel did great no car sickness, and even walked stairs! I couldn't be more pleased..

One week ago we started the morning in icu with very little talking or movement. I was wondering if we made the right choice and our baby girl flew home. Yep a bit emotional, yet it ended with us, finding out how successful surgery was and Joel was moving his leg and arm more. God is good.

We are thankful. Our friends love and support is intensely felt in every moment of our recovery. With out this we feel as though his recovery would be slower. Thank you.

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Mom D. said...

So very wonderful! We are so grateful to the Lord for your amazing only ten days!!!