Monday, February 6, 2012

A quick update~

Just a quick update tonight as two Dr appointments in one day is well... exhausting to say the least! 

The day has gone well. So do not interpet my quiet as disappointment! hehe! My life is still going on ya know? I still have a three year old... a dog and occasionally laundry!!!

We did get confirmation that it is a stage II Oligodendroglioma. It has probably been there six to eight years. A seizure is a common symptom and signal of tumor. It occurs more in males then females. It is often a slow growing tumor. Our Surgeon was pleased with the fact that he did remove so much of it! (He appears to be a perfectionist, so I am pleased!) 

Our oncologist was very kind, smart and positive he shared that with this time of tumor, the outcome is more favorable.   (Several studies even have 30+ year survivors)   So now we wait. We wait because the treatment plan will be reviewed by multiple Drs in the coming week. (2/14 to be exact) We also wait because the slide, information, and scans are all being sent to a leading research facility for recommendation and confirmations.

We are so THANKFUL.  Your out-pouring and generosity is amazing.

Your cards are so encouraging to us! 

PO BOX 40702
Eugene OR 97404

I will post more soon. But for now, my sleep deprived husband is sleeping. Thank you God! 

Pray for a smooth transition for Joel as we decrease his steroids! This could be the time when a seizure could sneak in. Pray for them to never come back! Pray for our Princess as this is all hard to understand when you are three. We have a lot of tears and questions that are HARD TO ANSWER. Sometimes I just tell her "sometimes we just don't know, and its even hard for a mommy or ducky to understand." Continue to pray for our support team, as they are keeping me sane, eating and remind me to shower! HA  

Yes for those of you wondering, Joel and I have both lost weight, I have no idea how... especially since our amazing friends and new friends keep feeding us such wonderful meals.. WHICH IS HUGE! Yes we are staying at my parents, but they do work full time...  and Joel and I are left to fend for ourselves....

This road is not going to be easy. But I am so in love with this man, even as I have to help him with daily tasks. I am thankful that I get the chance to have these times. Day by day he is improving!

My eyes are heavy, but my heart is confident that the best is yet to come. Joel is positive and feels encouraged by today. God is still good. His love still endures. This is the song I still sing, even in the darkest of nights.

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Jenay said...

Continuing to pray for you Jill! Thanks for the updates. Love you and that little Princess of yours.