Thursday, April 5, 2012

He is stable!

I woke up early to beat shift change! Joel is very stable. He is painful at times but it's mostly in his neck. I imagined after nearly 9 in the OR he would be!

He lifted his arm, squeezed my fingers and wiggled his toes. He is able to swallow small sips of water as well.

Facial movement is equal and hand grip is improving. He is pale but not excessively.

Pray that he begins waking up more, he is still pretty groggy. Also pray against seizures and nausea. But really be praying for a quick return of leg movement!

The neurons are busy and able fire. Pray they begin to communicate with each other!

It's a beautiful morning here again.

Our apt can be seen from his icu window!!


Sherrie said...

Thank you for the all the pictures too. Make sure you take a nap to both you and Joel and of course Evey.

Cooking Up Faith said...

Praying for you and the journey God has given you...a difficult journey, but one that He will carry you through.

I have a ministry on my blog called A Meal in the Mail. Your cousin Jenay contacted me about your story. If you would like a "Send me A Meal in the Mail" blog button, please contact me at I will send you the code for the button, and your readers who click on the button will be taken directly to a page with a list of restaurants in which to send you a gift card through. If you have questions you can ask me through the same e-mail as well.

God bless.
Cooking Up Faith