Monday, April 23, 2012


Good morning! What are you doing for dinner tomorrow? Well if you are in the Eugene area we hope you will join us for a Papa's Pizza Fundraiser day!

We plan on being at this Papa's Pizza on Coburg Road around 5:30. You can buy pizza anytime on this day though! Just print this flyer out, and bring it in to pizza. We will get 25% of your pizza money! So its a win win! You eat. We get a portion to pay on the ever stacking medical bills.


Joel is doing better but, yesterday was rough, as Saturday night I had to give him another high dose of steroids to resolve the pain/swelling. This has side effects, including some mood swings and irrational thinking at times. So yesterday we delt with this. Praying today is smoother. I suspect it is already.

Stress plays a huge impact on Joel. Emotional stress, and stress of the unknown can be harder to cope with when they come at random. So we will be avoiding stressful situations as possible. One thing that would minimize this is routine. So, today our goal is creating a routine to have hanging in the house. That I will update every evening (try my hardest)- It will help Joel to have this out as a visual.

Also yesterday we had another juicer moment. So we have had a wonderful wave of BEAUTIFUL weather. I commented to Joel after church that I wish we had a chair he could lay in outside while Princess plays and I work on the yard.  No more than 5 minutes later we drove by a garage sale and got a  nice set of table chairs, and 2 loungers with cushions and an umbrella for $40!

We are thrilled. Yes, its silly business at times, but God does indeed want to bless us. He hears our hearts, and supplies even in the silly things. So thank you God. We are really looking forward to more summer!!

Daily we are genuinely encouraged by all our friends and family that love, pray, cyber stalk and all around support us. We don't know what we would have done in this season without being surrounded by this daily.

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