Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Oh I love home! I am such a home body anyways... Being gone was quite hard! While we were gone medical bills started stacking up but I smile when I see them... Cause I still have my husband. Money is so low on my mind!

Princess is doing well, but we have had a lot of tears today. She is stuck on us like Velcro. It's hard but I understand her complex thought process well... I swear she is a mini me. She worries and stresses more than a child should. Please pray we can move through this with grace and an intact childhood..

While she was worrying about something silly we talked about tying all those thoughts onto a balloon and letting them fly to God.. Silly illustration, but we spent a few minutes talking about how we can not change things sometimes but we give them to God, for he cares for us.

An important reminder of the grace of God. Praying she sleeps in peace tonight.

She drew this on my phone... She has our next trip planned already, Hawaii!! Yep, she is mini me.

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