Sunday, April 8, 2012

A busy day!

We have had a good day! Joel woke up with a little more movement in both his left leg and arm, as the day progressed he has improved even more.

His fingers are starting to wake up a little as well! The occupational therapist worked with him today, she was super.. too bad she doesn't work tomorrow!! But another one will. Right now we are planning on staying as long as possible at the hospital, so Joel can get PT/OT as much as possible.

Joel's voice is coming back as well! It is much stronger today then yesterday.

Ice is one of his favorite friends, as he has not been on a narcotic, only taking tylenol for pain since yesterday evening! He is really much more alert/aware because of this.

We missed Princess today, but were glad for technology. Pictures and videos of her morning, and afternoon with my family. She is doing really well!

Tomorrow is going to be busier. I am super tired, pray that someone else in the same room isn't busy all night. He is playing with his hands... I can only imagine how odd it is to think you are moving your hand, and you can feel it, but you can't move it. He really has to WORK to get it to open/close Finger movement still is not there!

Pray for rest and strength for tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Had SUCH a wonderful time here with your little miss and the family...only thing missing was YOU GUYS!
Get that guy well, soon, so we can all get back to 'the new normal!' ;)