Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring football!

We had a fun day yesterday! My brothers, nephews, parents and Joel's sisters all enjoyed spring football! Ducks vs Ducks
The sun was shining bright! Our day was filled with good food and lots of fun!

We love this family time! Joel did wonderful, despite waking up with a headache. Some pain meds later and we were running!

After football and a nap time, tacos, mini golf and banana splits! Our kids had a blast! And Ducky turned out to be a pretty good golfer!

I will share a few photos from our day! Joel has had a good sense of humor and wanted his picture taken with the sign. He is coming to terms with the fact he can't do everything he used to. I do love him so very much! Each day we improve.

Pray for his shoulder to wake up more and for this neck/head pain to stay away.

Off for a day. Not sure what we are doing today but am hoping for sun!

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