Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy grilled cheese day!!

So I love grilled cheese.. I love cheese! Cheese is amazing...

Today is national grilled cheese day, so we only found it fitting when we walked past a grilled cheese cafe that we had to stop!!

Here are a few photos from the morning!

Joel is poking the fountain... 

Lots of neat buildings with beautiful courtyards nearby. 

I love CHEESY humor~!!
Check out this sandwich! Amazing bread!
Oh South Park--- Ha!
Outside of our hotel. 
Joel walking the hotel halls.

All in all a fun morning. Joel is unfortunately starting into the I slept a ton, when it was only a few hours steriod episodes.. 3:30 his alarm clock in his head had him awake. I can only imagine he is exhausted. We are waiting for house keeping to come change our sheets today, and empty our garbages... then its nap time.

Pray for sleep, and that he rests well in it. His leg and arm are restless and active, when he is asleep. I feel is periodic limb movement, not seizures, but it is exhausting for us both. 


grandmacarolyn said...

Hey there Jill and Joel, I have been reading your posts right along, and praying. I'm so happy to read and see (in photos) Joel's marvelous progress! God is so good! When I saw your post today, I remembered it was "grill cheese day" today...the posts on the chalk board are funny. I hope and pray that the rest of your days in SF are happy ones...soon you will be homeward bound & reunited with Evey! Carolyn Peterson

Chris Weigel said...

Oh man... now i want a grilled cheese sandwich

Moongirl said...

Funny. Grilled cheese is way we are having. I didn't even know!