Tuesday, April 17, 2012


There is no other place like it. Home.

My mom cooked an amazing dinner. My daughter snuggled tons. Oh my beautiful girl seeing her wait with flowers made me cry. I cried for so many reasons I was thankful to be home.

Thankful my husband came home with me, elated he proudly walks rather than require a wheel chair. Thankful we left so much cancer in that operating room. Thankful to hold my daughter tightly. Thankful, and relieved.

Joel flew well, rather it is me who nearly threw up! The flight was delayed
and well umm I don't care for delays today. After we got home I attempted to hail a taxi, and realized I must once again drive myself to the grocery store... Which princess and I happily did. We got a few much needed groceries and turned into bed earlier than ever!

Joel was a bit exhausted though he doesn't always see it, and our bed is truly amazing!

Thank you for praying and loving us through this season.

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Shauna said...

Glad you are home :).