Thursday, April 26, 2012

Check this out

We have had a busy few days.. Joel had ot today. It's good but Joel gets worn out quickly. I have been tired and ended up getting a migraine. Super awesome. Our post tonight will be brief as I am spacey..

Princess found an Alvin and the chipmunks shirt that she is in love with. She is doing a little better and is not panicking as much these days.. She did well with my mom today... As my head was too spacey to parent...

Joel has hair regrowing but a heart shape patch is not growing as quickly.. Makes us smile.. He is improving slowly but his shoulders and neck continue to be painful.

We are thankful for so much. Everyday in its self is a gift. We are so relieved I can be home for awhile longer to help start routines and be consistent.

Will post more later but this head of mine is exhausted.

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Joel 2.0 said...

That is a heart for Jill that is just how its growing back we swear it is not a hair cut. FUNNY EH?