Saturday, April 7, 2012

A day of rest

Sleep was not too challenging last night. The staff is good about leaving us to rest. Our nurse today has a good understanding about my own abilities and skills as well. So she will let me try to assist Joel getting up and down after he wakes up...

Well it looks like Joel didn't get on PTs list today, to be honest, I don't care. Joel needs rest today. We have already had his 2nd drain removed, which was quite painful. He also has alot of neck pain, throat pain and some pain where he bruised from his art line. His head is iced and he got a dose of IV pain meds.

The resident that removed the drain, was super cute, "Aren't you so pleased with the outcome from Joel's surgery? Its AMAZING!" Yep we aren't the only ones impressed.

His appetite is improving, but very slowly. As of now the only thing "keeping us here" Is Joel's physical skills, and my ability to lift him...ect... Joel is doing most of the work, but with his left arm making huge progress daily its just a matter of time.

Words are coming a little quicker, he is still struggling to understand what he is reading, but it was like that last time.

His arm lifted higher today, and his facial expressions are quickening. While helping him eat breakfast, he placed his left hand on my thigh, His hand was open, and his action purposeful. I know it sounds remedial, but for us it meant so much that he actually could do something he was thinking about doing. 

Today is crucial in respect with swelling. He is tired,  so sleep is probably needed. Swelling means an increase in pain, and overall an increase risk in seizures.

So please today- Pray for rest, no seizures and for continued strength of the nerve firings to his muscles! Its something that improves after each nap.Its truly amazing to watch. 

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Sherrie said...

Thank you for the update...stay in your jammies....have a jammie party. :) Love you.