Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to pray this time around~!

Here we are, we are waiting for the big day tomorrow~!

First things first! We love our neurosurgeon. He is a very smart man, who really was easy to talk with, Yes, you heard me right. Granted I was able to follow a lot of his conversation and medical verbiage mostly due to the fact I have been brushing up on physiology and anatomy basics of the brain. But, all in all I have a very good sense of peace about the surgery ahead. I know God has had his hand on all of this, its quite remarkable to be honest.

We did find out a few things today, we hadn't really had the follow up MRI walked through well. Today the neurosurgeon was very upfront and honest about how much tumor is really left. Its quite a lot. I will perfectly be honest, its still more than half the original mass. He walked us through the steps of removing it. It is not possible to safely remove all. But that is not a problem. He has his own safety net and other techniques that will be used. He talked us through this. As well as the resident who will be sitting in our surgery and assisting. He sounds to be quite qualified.

The imaging techniques that have been used tonight, will truly protect Joel in this. This surgeon does nearly 200 tumor removal surgeries a year. His goal is safety and quality and quantity of removal. He also feels like there really is not a high risk that the tumor has advanced to another grade at this point. Whew. Yep, that's good to hear...

On another plus side, this tumor exhibits a double deletion, short explanation ITS HIGHLY RESPONSIVE TO CHEMO!!!

The negatives, well of course the risks are very high operating in the main computer of the body, bleeding, seizures, stroke, infection, paralysis, death, and well I guess it couldn't get much worse? That aside if my prayer warriors friends out there would pray specifically against these things? I even ask as far as would you fast a meal for me? I would fast and pray, but I medically can not. It would be much appreciated--  Also include in those prayers reactions to medications, paralysis, increased grade of cancer, and  seizures~ Did I mention seizures? Ya we don't like those things!

It was sadly reassuring to walk into a whole floor of a medical building, dedicated to brain tumors. Yep, Joel had scar buddies. It did feel so very nice to not be alone. (Yes I know I don't wish it on anyone else.. but you see where we are going with this sense... ) We belonged.


For other questions-

  • We are in the apartment we rented tonight, not in the hospital.
  • The check in to the hospital is at 1030, surgery is a go at 1230.
  • Yes It sounds like this hospital also has a tracking system.
  • Joel will be on steriods, so this means very little sleep for both.
  • My parents are going to join Evey at the apartment, and fly home on friday with her.
  • No, the surgeon will not use the same scar alone. Joel will have his head shaved, and have a full C with a slice down the center. It will be closed with stitches, not staples. So maybe his hair will grow over better?
  • We need to stay in the bay area for recovery, followup visits, and allow Joel time to heal awhile in a quiet environment that is accessible should Joel require a wheelchair or walker. 
All in all pray over our daughter. This is a very unique season to be a parent. I have explained to Evey that I love her Berry much, but sometimes my best way of taking care of her is having MumMum and Papa taking a part of the role in parenting again. We are so thankful and relieved to have them in this. I think Evey is too. 

Pray for me, as I sit and wait. I am not very good at this. Its hard as health care worker to just sit in a hospital. Also pray for rest, strength and wisdom as we face the challenges ahead. Also pray we get a private room on Thursday when he leaves the ICU.

Most of all Pray over Joel, the surgeons, the nurses, and all the hands that will touch us in the days ahead. Pray for rest tonight, as tomorrow we will not sleep much. Pray. Pray with me. My husband and I continue to face the fight of our life. 

We are so thankful for the love and prayers that have been poured out on our behalf. It is truly humbling. Only the divine intervention of our God could have brought us here, without complications. 

We fully believe we will return home, triumphant. For God is bigger than cancer. He uses Doctors to heal. And we believe. Thank you for believing with us.

I will post another blog this evening with a few pictures of today!

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Sheila said...

Jill, though I don't know you personally, I feel like I do through these words. I join the choir of voices, whispers and thought raised to our Savior for Joel today. His moments are in the Lord's hands. And for you...may you sense unreasonable peace and joy. Loving you through this!