Wednesday, November 14, 2012



In this season of thanksgiving, we have so very much to be thankful for. Starting with the basics of each other, and the supportive people that truly have surrounded us this last year. Each and every friend has meant so much. To know we have had people fighting prayerfully for us in the hardest of days, and continued to pray even when times are good. From countless meals, timely groceries, money, gift cards, hours of leave donated, gifts, cards and prayers....  Thank you.

Our lives are so fragile, Never EVER would we have imagined last thanksgiving, what the days ahead of us would unfold. Our hearts are so changed, and filled with thanksgiving for continued provision and grace. We are humbled by how close we nearly came to loosing each other multiple times this year.

With all of this aside God is good. With out faith this journey would be impossible.

Joel had a scan last monday 11/5. We both get a bit tense during this time. From the days before the scan, until we see and read the results, our anxiety levels can indeed spike. I did joke today with our oncologist about getting me some meds, not Joel for the scan.

Today we had our appointment. It took us forever to be seen, we had a long wait! Always adds to the stress, stress that was for nothing....

We are so relieved and excited to breathe yet another sigh of relief that Joel's most recent MRI, one week ago was again STABLE! No growth. Yes a little bit more scar tissue, but there is still so much space! No chemo for now, no added stress of travel to California, and nothing new to worry about, regarding his brain...

Thankful... we are so thankful indeed!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or treat!

We had a fun last week.... Us chipmunks Simon, Theodore and Alvin!

I am slowly getting back energy, except for my body hating flu shots... We are heading the right way!!

Work is progressing for Joel... He has an MRI on Monday... I get a bit nervous but can't change anything!

Here's a few photos from this past week...

Do pray that Joel's scan comes back clean and that I can work my weekend!! A pay check is a blessing!

Random pictures from football, cousin fun, pumpkin carving and trick or treating!!