Monday, January 30, 2012

Yet another hospital morning.

Hospital mornings. Hmm much different from morning at home... I can't wait for a home morning. Making breakfast. Snuggling my baby... watching wonderpets... looking forward to a nice morning at home. Joel is looking forward to saying goodbye to middle of the night wake ups... although I will still do this. HA and saying goodbye to 4 times  a day blood sugar checks.

But we both know that stability and consistanty are the goals here before we can go home.

Pray for pathology report to be clear, Pray for NO seizures. Pray for the ability to figure out his medications and find what works best for him.



Anonymous said...

we pray for you

Anonymous said...

Hi there. You don't know me but I have been following your blog ever since a friend of mine posted that her friend (you) and family needed prayers because of some difficult news you had received. You have been in my prayers and thoughts ever since and will continue to be. I pray that Joel's doctors will be able to figure out his medication and that the seizures will be able to be controlled, that the tumor is NOT cancer, that you would continue to have strength and courage and keep your positive attitudes, that you can get home to your daughter soon and that you will all be able to find a new normal you are happy with. We serve a BIG God and I have no doubt that everything will work out. So many people are praying for you! Take care and God bless.