Friday, January 27, 2012

I have on my eager face.

So now that we are that much closer to being home---- crossing fingers! We will have things I will need help with. I am formatting that list now, and will be placing E in charge of delegating many tasks. (She rocks like that)

It may be some of the chores Joel had been doing- doggie doing/yard stuff. All the way to potential furniture moving. We would also appreciate meals, and Meal train is already being set up. More information to follow

WE DO NOT HAVE A DISCHARGE DATE YET. He still has to work with PT, get drain out. have stable blood pressure blah blah blah boring details.

I am only saying this because I know so many have offered to help, after we see Joel with PT- We can plan better. One hurdle is stairs. Pray for balance within his brain. Endurance. Overall strength.  NO MORE SPEED BUMPS!
Pray for continued rest, patience and wisdom for myself. And pray for our little princess as she is getting a cold. (Princess do need mama's when not feeling well, but MumMum/Papa and Aunties will have to do!)

Its so hard to ask for help, but I know that it takes a village, and this I can not do all on my own.


Anonymous said...

Just reading the latest news, sounds like your progressing well. Get your rest. My thoughts and prayers are sent your way!
- djl

Sherrie said...

Remember to think out of the box...if you need to put the bed on the main floor for awhile do so. I can't remember if you have a bathroom with a shower down there but it will all work out. And I would definitly find someone to do doggie yard stuff...hehe

Love you!