Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Been quiet.

So we have been quiet the last few hours. We did get the results back from our dr. The tumor was a stage 2 glioma. And since he was unable to get it all we will have frequent monitoring, and meet with an oncologist.

Cancer. Brain cancer. Its a low grade tumor, the dr feels like at this point its a wait and see, with potential of radiation. Most of the tumor was removed. We are thankful. Since its only in stage 2 it was captured early. The dr presented this as though it was good news not bad.

How are we? Joel is doing quite well. He is so positive. Thankful for the chance to fight this.

Me? I need to get off the internet, stop crying and put on my big girl pants. (at least some clean pjs.)
I know this is far from over, far from a death sentence but brain tumor in my husband is scary enough, yet alone.... the word Cancer. So maybe I am over tired, maybe the emotions of the last week are catching up with me. Joel is certain this is the case. We are set to discharge home today. I can not wait. Yet I can. I need some sleep. And evening snuggling our daughter, it will be medicine for our souls.

God is still good. We are SO THANKFUL this was found early. This is one of the richest blessings.  We are still believing that Joel is so much tougher than this. Joel feels like its 90% mental and he can and will beat this.

We are still so hopeful of normal life although we will never be the same. We dream of riding bikes with Evey. Going to Hawaii as--- she is obsessed with going...  and well we just love it. But for now we take today. We pray we get to go home. We pray it goes smoothly.

Pray for complete healing of the remaining tumor. God has brought it this far and we believe fully our next scan could be completely cancer free. Pray the seizures are done. Pray for our transition today. Pray for me, as I am a bit nervous today. Please keep praying. Thank you for you love prayers and continued positive thoughts. Pray for laughter and joy in the minutes and days ahead. We still firmly believe the best is yet to be seen. This journey is not over, but we are not alone.

Praying4Joel this is my life calling, Please let it be yours.


Shauna said...

Get some rest Cuz. I am sure it is catching up to you. Still praying. xoxo

Aaron Z said...

Love you Sis. God is still in control, and He is fully able to heal. Don't read too much - every case is different. :)

Moongirl said...

I will round up the warriors again.

Carol said...

I don't know if my last comment got posted so I'll try again. Prayers are outgoing. Hang in there, buddy. You can beat this. Thinke positive. Love you. Uncle Bill and Aunt Carol

Anonymous said...

Still praying. God will strengthen you for this fight!


Hayley said...

There are soooo many TYPES of gliomas---many are more likely NON-cancerous than cancerous.
Just going to prayer for benign that STAYS benign!!!
GOD IS FAITHFUL, GOD IS GOOD...Joel is young and strong. He will overcome this! :)
Loves to you all...wish we could be there.

Uncle Marky said...

Hey sis,
Our hearts, thoughts, prayers, and support are with you all. Every step. I'm here and love you all so very much. I know you already know that, but reiteration never hurt anybody.

Yes, I believe in miracles, I believe in faith, and I believe that all things are possible through Christ Jesus (this was also Evie's verse of the day recently- I believe).

Sherrie said...

Jill, I wish I could wrap you up in a big hug...I told your mom to do that for me but she is not near as squishy as me. Please take time for yourself and sleep as the caregiver you have to...its as important as the person who has the condition taking care of themselves. Joel is strong and yes depends a lot on you but he needs you to take care of you too. Hope you get to snuggle Evey tonight. Love you.