Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Through the eyes of princess....

So I am first to admit it, our princess may be a little spoiled. But bribery does work well... we say she has to work for it. 

The first night was horrible when she left with her mumum. So many tears and screams. Pulling on me saying mommy please don't let go... Yep. Added to my already sick heart.

So last night I may have bribed her with a present. She didn't cry and in the morning she got her very own camera. She loves it. And well I thought I would share the day from her eyes. It is quite sweet.
 The car ride over to the hospital with auntie...

What you doing in a chair ducky?

 "Smile mommy""Smile Ducky"

 Mommy you take a picture of my ducky with me.

Oh how I love my Ducky!

 Here is the view from our window. We are up high!

 More scenes.

 My Aunt Mendy!!

Oh George! 

Strike a pose! 

George is filling out paperwork.

Mama is drinking tea.

 I brought my backpack!

Miranda made us amazing cookies! and yummy fruit! 

 George hanging out!

Self portrait. 

 Uncle Marky! He says BACON!


Playing wii with my Ducky!


Hayley said...

haha. Nice. :)

Debbie Sommers said...

What wonderful Photography Evey!

Erin said...

Amazing photography skills! She makes her Auntie E so proud :)