Friday, January 27, 2012

Dictated from Joel

So Joel wants me to let everyone know that he is doing ok. He had a repeat MRI ran this morning. And we are battling his Blood Pressure. Its vitally important that it comes down, as a higher blood pressure increases the pressures in the brain. Causing more problems.

Long story short  Joel is back on IV blood pressure meds, and is feeling a bit blah. As of now we are keeping life quiet. Right now we are listening to NPR and enjoying the mere fact that when we close our eyes its a small feeling of normal.

Yep we listen to NPR--


Carol said...

Hang in there buddy and follow Drs. orders. Leave the nurses alone ha,ha. We love you and you're in the prayers at our church. Bill and Carol

Lori said...

More prayers from Canada coming your way.

I know the blah feeling that comes post-op all too well. I felt that way too after I had surgery 2 years ago.

<3 hugs <3


Eric Z said...

Hey Joel, I know that hospital food's delish, but don't stay too long there, everyone wants you home! Take care buddy! ~ Eric