Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to help-

We had a much better night. 

We face a potential day for change- going home?! We are excited, thankful and ready to sleep. I did promise to share how people can help- we will have none of my income, and a limited income from Joel. hard pill to swallow. But God has been and will continue to be faithful.

Asking for help of any sort is never easy.
So one easy way to help is to bring us food or just some basic items. 

Above is the link for a system called meal train. It is a set up system for donating dinners and scheduling when you can feed the hungry steroid taking man.

If you are not in the area and want to mail a card, gift card or whatever-- Please do-- cards are so encouraging to Joel

J&J Dougall
PO Box 40702
Eugene, OR 97404

Household tasks and making a few things safer for Joel will not go away- email E   If this is something you want to do...

We are exploring other options IE paypal account, fundraisers, and well whatever. If you have ideas or want to help- email E  

It stinks to have ask for help-- talk about swallowing my pride. But I know that it indeed takes a village and our God is faithful to continue to provide.

The first few days until the staples are out and as Joel regains more balance we will stay at my parents house-- they will stay at ours and take care of our dog. They  have an ideal home, one living floor, a walk in shower, tall toilets ect.... and well we have lived with them before -- so we are not feeling like this will be far at all from home.

We are so thankful beyond words for the generosity thus far, the meals, coffee and money/gift cards already have eased this journey so much. We are able to get everything we do need to get Joel home and keep him safe. THANK YOU! (you know who you are)

Whatever you do, or can give-- you can always pray. Pray this is benign and not cancer.  Pray Joel is running sooner than later. Pray we can get back to life--- and work. Although we will never be the same.

We are already so blown away. Your love has truly surrounded out hearts and minds these last days. Not to mention the peace and love of God. 

Off for coffee. But first this is one of our most favorite photos-- Evey loves this...its on our bedroom wall.... aww my bed.....

Will attempt to take pictures of my man walking. Its AMAZING. God is good.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know. Lots of ppl want to help and it's really good to know what you need.