Wednesday, January 25, 2012

being together

So today Joel and I agreed would be about seeing family and friends. But we also agreed to make it a priority to spend time alone with our princess. We are struggling to parent and help her cope. We knew she needed time alone.

We are thankfully getting this. She is snuggling him in bed right now, and nearly asleep. I am thankful for a brief moment of normal.

Joel is doing well today, he is a little dizzy at times, mostly having difficulty with the relationship of where the ground is and where is feet should be. We suspect this is the tumor or seizure medication.

Pictures have been taken all morning, mostly by Evey our little photographer and we had an amazing thai lunch courtesy of a dear friend. I have toliet paper now, after a brief complaint online about how hard it is my friends are providing. hehe its amazing how the little things are reminding us that God is faithful and we can have the desires of our hearts.

So we wait, we smile and laugh. We thank God for family who surrounds us, but also understands and accepts our need to take time for just the three of us.

This is good.

We are anxious yes with surgery. It weighs on my mind constantly. Oh how I wish it were me and not him at times, as I hate to see my husband suffer so.  But this is his battle... and now ours. His body has fought it beautifully and compensated so well. This is encouraging all around it is testiment to his strength, and the miracle of the human mind.

Thursday. oh Thursday I want to be done and over with the whole thing, but I also want to wait and freeze this moment. As they are both sound asleep, like nothing is wrong, or our world has changed.

Pray for us and praise God with us for these moments. The times that matter the most to us and our princess.

As for what do we need? Well your generosisty and compassion is AMAZING. Honestly we will we say what we need... but we just don't know what we need.... right now we have more than everything we need... bur when we do- as hard as it can be, know we will ask for help.

Evey adores her daddy, and in a beautiful moment today when she arrived she had planned chapstick and lotion for her "Ducky" She immediately rubbed lotion on his head and quietly but very determined said "he is going to be better." I can't help but relate it to the image of Joel being annointed by none other than his little girl- Who knows all so well that with GOD all things are possible.

Keep praying with me and for me. I know the best is yet to come.


marlece said...

oh Jill, tears when talking about Evey annointing Daddy with oil. I can't stop the tears....What can we do? PRAY, that is the biggest thing you need right now.

Moongirl said...

You really are a beautiful writer and have a beautiful heart. Please pass along a time for tomorrow.

Sherrie said...

I believe God hears little ones prayers the quickest and most clearly. Evey's prayers and annointings are more powerful than we will ever know. It's a wonder you didn't see light come down from heaven at that moment. I'm so happy you are spending time just the three of you as I'm sure there are about a thousand of us that wish we could be in that room too but understand your little family needs this time because the changes are so unknown. I believe Joel will come out of this fine in the end although there will be a path of healing. I was impressed when your mom told me the Sears repair customer service man was praying too...God hears all those prayers. Take care of you as I know you are strongly stubborn but pay attention to what you physical body needs. Love you bunches.

MumMum said...

Sweetie, God is so much bigger than this little tumor and evey's faith is so big and so pure. She was so determined to take that little tube of annointing lotion and chapstick for her ducky! Love you all more tnan words can say!

Karen Blikstad said...

Your family is full of love, and love conquers, dangit! I fully believe you will all make it through this, and am praying my little heart out (if you hear a small "Poof!" it means it exploded from the strength of the!) Hang in there. So much love is directed toward you all. And remember, 6 or 7am, I will bring you coffee. You name the day and the drink, and I am there. Love you, Jilly.

Uncle Marky said...

I sure appreciate you guys. I don't write a lot now days, but I have to share my heart. With all my heart. I believe and am absolutely convinced that with love there is nothing we can't conquer. Joel and Jill I am impressed with your courage, brave hearts, and strength. I don't mean to sound cliche but this is the stuff that heroes are made of. This is the kind of stuff that changes the world, one person at a time.
To this I celebrate this beautiful, precious, and amazing life. I am very proud to be your family, and very proud to be sharing this moment with you. Hand in hand, heart with heart. I wouldn't trade this moment for anything.
I love you, all three.

Carrie said...

Through my tears Jilly, all I can currently type is that I am praying for Joel. I am praying for you and Evey, and I am praying for the doctors. Thank you for keeping up this blog. You are an amazing wife, mother, and Christian!