Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thank YOU!

I have to be honest I thought we would get maybe 100 or 200 hits, this week, but NEVER EVER would I have imagined such a response. Its a virtual army of 1000s praying for my husband. Brings me to tears to think about the reality of what we are going through, and the amazing support we are literally surrounded by.

God is good. We are thankful. I have been asked by several, how I am staying strong. Several components. First God. Second my family- they are a rock-- That includes princess!!! Thirdly our work families- none other than AMAZING! Finally our "internet army" people we have never even met-- praying, crying and rejoicing with us. Its mind boggling that so many people care enough to read my ramblings.

Joel is sleeping-- and  the ICU is intensely busy... a small part of me wants to go work. I am feeling a bit board and all the action around is a bit exciting. But instead I will behave and go find a quiet place to sleep!! BORING!! I recognize fully that I am worthless to help Joel and remember all I need to without enough sleep.

With that Good Night.


Anonymous said...

Jill and Joel, I'm so glad the surgery went well. I've been thinking about you both since I took care of Joel in the ED. I wish you both peace and strength, although it sounds like you already have plenty of both on your own. Tell Joel his ED RN is thinking of him. ~Kj.

Uncle Marky said...

Good night, sleep tight :).