Monday, January 30, 2012

"Feel Good"

Joel talks about how he "feels good" We still haven't heard  from the doctor, and are at peace. We are watching a little mindless TV, and Joel is resting again. He slept some this morning... His mind is tired.

Me- Well I am still in my PJs. I am eating. Thanks to friends and the staff.  MumMum brought me a fun craft I have laid out to start- mostly to keep me busy. Honestly in down time, I rest. This journey is genuinely exhausting physically and emotionally. But we are encouraged and supported from yet another wonderful nurse, and compassionate staff.

I am proud to work in this hospital. The kindness and love shown from the ER, ICU, Pastoral Care, O.R. and Neuro directly caring for my husband is overwhelming.  Not to mention the support from staff that is not directly involved house wide has been amazing. (Especially Peds, NICU and my RT department) So please keep sharing. I feel the love and compassion. Way to live the mission friends. (Our mission is to "Carry on the loving and compassionate mission of Jesus Christ.")

Joel is blown away and has a new respect for my job. Its hard to be a patient and patient family when you are so used to living on the other edge.

So I am going to start my scrap fabric wreath... or shower.... craft... shower... crafting wins.  Never mind we are going potty now...  then a walk. Joel runs this show.

Keep praying love you.

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