Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dong it! a Seizure!

This morning, we were greeted with an eager dr. who was more than willing to discharge us. While eating breakfast Joel had another large seizure.  As much as this stinks and as many bad words as I said, I knew this would/could happen.

While getting on the elevator this morning for coffee I had a brief thought that he would have a seizure in the car. My own mom had a simular feeling, as did our nurse. Fortunately he did so still in the hospital. We were able to keep his head safe and give him the medications he needed. 

With a tumor the size of Joel's I highly expected to see a seizure or two. I was pleased but apprehensive that we had not.

Post the seizure. He did go for a little CT run just to make sure the pressures in his brain are not to high, new bleed, herniation ect. 

Joel is tired. Thankful we had a wonderful evening, which in no way contributed to this seizure. Its just that his brain is still PISSED. I am mad. I said words I don't normally say. But what other words am I supposed to say while you hold your husband through a major seizure. I am worn out. I feel like I two had one. ha. ok, ok, here I go being dramatic. But its hard work watching this too.

I decided my mistake was putting on eye make up today. Since we were going home and all I wanted to look as good as I could in PJs. Ha oh well. We are blessed today to have an AMAZING nurse! (She knows her stuff and has compassion beyond words) And its my work weekend so I have my support team, just a few phone calls away.

We are asking for NO visits today. We He is very tired after all that. He told me he still feels positive. He knew this was a possibility... but I guess we just needed a few more days here. He is moving all arms/legs talking and recovering fine. He remembers some of it, states it felt like he was getting shocked. He said "sorry for scaring you" which may have made me cry... I was sorry he had to hurt... I probably held him TOO tight... he.. he

Please keep praying for no more seizures. (I have a hard time holding him well enough to protect his head. I swear the strength to do so is super human.... But I am not nearly the big girl I used to be... haha... wish I was home and the hot tub was working HA! Just kidding.) Thankful we are here, where we need to be. 

Pray for rest, protection and continued provision. We remain thankful, and optimistic for this is not unexpected. I would have a seizure too if my head had an empty space in it. Pray for continued wisdom and peace. We still believe this is all part of the journey and the best remains to be seen.  God remains in control. He did not cause this. He brings us through it though. 

Just like the waves. We feels God's grace washing over us daily.... We are still blessed.

Here is a picture of our princess with her Ducky last summer at the ocean. Yep the Oregon beach was amazingly warm.


Uncle Marky said...

Hey sis, we're with you and holding you all in our hearts and prayers. Love you all very much.

Sherrie said...

Some words to say made me think of grandpa so here are some new ones "Cotton Pickin Dirty Sow" (<:

marlece said...

And if we are talking what grandpa would say, then let's talk about what Uncle Dave is saying....(I don't think we will~ha!) I talked to my dad this morn, with lots of practice at the hospital thing he says, "those stupid hospitals always want to push you out way before you should go!" Hang in there darling....we are all pulling for you in our prayers.

Journeying Through The Unknown said...

aww.. you girls that's funny. I can hear him saying it... And yes well Marlece I can hear your dad too. I think he would have understood my verbiage too. love ya too marky bark

Debi said...

And the Lord hears our groanings and understands our needs. This is so reassuring to me. May his peace surround you today Jill and Joel, little Evie too! Love,debi