Friday, January 27, 2012

We moved to a new room.  And boy oh boy are we glad to be this much closer to whatever is next. His new MRI was very encouraging. The doctor removed a TON! But the brain is filling in well appropriately. He even had a ventricle re-forming! AMAZING!

So in the words of the doctor--- this is an OLD tumor, meaning its been there a long time, which is logical because we would have seen more side effects if it was starting earlier. As for cancer vs not the jury is still out. We remain very hopeful given our discussion with the doctor and the mere fact God is in control.

Pain is an issue--- It sneaks up on us everytime-- fast and furious. But it controls quickly. Keep praying for this to control quickly.

He looks AMAZING!!!

We are eager to begin the journey to get home. We are so into the dream of a great nights sleep at home. 

So well I guess tomorrow we will see what we need- how far we need to go to get home, and when! PT/OT plans on Evaluating him tomorrow. EAGER! He is eager! We are both missing our little girl so badly that is almost hurts. We are relieved that she is having a wonderful day with her cousins. 

We are slowly letting visitors in- His parents got to visit. 


Lori said...

WONDERFUL!!!! Simply wonderful. btw... Joel, you look great!!!!!

Glad mom and dad got to visit you.

<3 hugs <3

Lori :-)

Anonymous said...

Go Joel, we are praying for you, The Cool and his dad

bsedens said...

Jill and Joel... You two are amazing!! I wil continue to hold u in my prayers....

Sherrie said...

This blog is so great even if I was close enough to visit I feel like I'm up to date and don't have to rush right over and see you both. Glad those closest to you are able to have short visits but until you really understand this healing process good you are taking it slow. Very excited you moved out of icu...he must be Superman.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to see your smile Joel. It's heart lifting. Keeping you in my prayers and your family. Precious family. cousin debi