Sunday, January 29, 2012

More stable afternoon.

Joel woke up enough to eat a few bites. He didn't loose any abilities with the seizure but is doped up from all of medications afterward. Thankful I was with him, as he would have fallen otherwise. It lasted close to minutes.

I am getting restless.. I need a craft.. I do love to craft so my mama is going to help with this today.... pintrest has so many ideas but I need to have non-sewing machine or nasty smelling paint activities. So E and MumMum are on it....

A dear friend of mine is going to be doing a thirty-one gifts party with for us. I really hope everyone can take a look at all the neat bags, organizers and other nifty things this company offers!!  This sale starts on the 1st of February! There is a new line coming out that day!

One week ago our life was so different. I am in awe of how fragile each moment and day is. I am thankful for my husband and his desire to protect our daughter, and care for me through this. I love him.

Feeling the love and prayers. Keep em coming. Joel says he can too.

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Shauna said...

Jill! I can not believe I missed all these posts! I sat down and read every one to catch up. We have been praying and keeping up through texts via mom via Auntie Dolly.

I am thrilled to see Joel recovering so well. Praise the LOrd! We will pray the seizures stay away.

God is good and I am thrilled to see your faith holding you steady. Where would we all be without the Lord?

Love you much Cuz - We are praying! XOXO