Saturday, January 28, 2012


Well guess what? Joel stood up--- walked to the bathroom and did AWESOME! He is now saline locked--- aka, he gets drink his fluids rather than iv fluid. He is having some pain this morning, but who wouldn't. We are getting pain under control quicker already and thankful.

I am planning on leaving the hospital GASP!! For a few hours to take my little princess to the mall. I can hardly wait!

It is cold outside--- these windows are poorly insulated.

I started this post early in the morning, but seem to be moving a little slow today. Thankful for a quiet day.
Joel is doing well. His spirits are high and we are ready for whatever. We miss home. We miss being in our own bed and we miss our dog, tv bathroom... haha... pretty much all of home. But we are so thankful and glad that he is where he needs to be today.


Kassy B. said...

That is awesome! So happy for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Great News!!! Joel you're a rock! Day by day we pray for continued strength and healing. God is amazing!!! God Bless your recovery.
Randy R.