Saturday, January 28, 2012

Good day.

Drain has been removed from Joels head. He is walking BEAUTIFULLY!! Its AMAZING!!! I finally got to hug him--and tonight a shower! (Maybe) At least a walk.

I went out with princess and tried to find a size 8 duck hat-- ummmm impossible. Joel had a good day. We   He gets worn out easily but did get to snuggle his little girl for a few minutes. 

Honestly I was quite tired today- our nurse last night was sweet but ummm busy. Not sure how else to say it... YAWN praying our nurse tonight well lets us sleep more than that. We did get a wonderful nap.

Joel is eating fine- steroids make him a bit hungry.  His mood is positive, his memory--- well its amazing as ever. (Mine how ever...) Joel and I did get  a laugh out of the brief thought that our Princess is being raised by two brain injuries. (I had a severe concussion 2 years ago-- whole other blog entry)  We will learn to adjust and cope- however I foresee many sticky notes in our future. Joel says. Doubt that.

Boy he is witty and faster than ever. He denies needing to re-learn anything.. he feels great... He is ready for bootcamp----  (NO NOT YET JOEL)  He has decided in all his neuro experience there is more room for his brain... So he feels like he will now be faster, smarter and maybe even have new super powers. He explains that his brain has now been set free, as it was being held back by the tumor.  I do wonder if some of its the steriods... But I don't mind we are laughing and eating and napping and walking.  His eye are sparkling.

Get this rumor- We may even get to go home tomorrow.... (Clicks heals) There is no place like home!!! Its just a maybe. Not set in stone. We can hardly believe how much our life has changed in just one week. To go from appreciating a long weekend together... to appreciating the huge fact that we are alive is mind blowing... 

We are blessed. We can not deny this. We are changed. Our life is changed. His brain is changed. Our world has changed. Joel is so strong. 

As for the future. We don't know all the details. We are thankful. We are at peace. We are confident that the best is yet to come. The pathology report is pending. We may know as early as monday. But again we remain firm in knowing the hardest part is nearly over.

So blessed and thankful for the love and prayers that have been poured out on our behave. Please do take minute to reflect on your own life, do not take anything for granted as they are all gifts. Every day, every moment they are gifts. No matter how sorrowful, bitter or joyful. Be thankful.

God is good. We are unworthy. His grace knows no boundries. We rejoice tonight in knowing that love truly does conquer all.  Joel says that was dramatic. I must agree. 

Pictures to follow but Joel is ready to walk. 


bsedens said...

Wow za !!! Really just amazing words, strength of character and willingness to are right... I believe the best is yet to come for you guys!!!

marlece said...

so glad, maybe you should take advantage of that space in his brain now that has has nothing in it and fill it with what you want to fill it with. (Joel is a good cook, he likes to vaccum, he loves to buy me pretty things, ) you know a little manipulation on your part perhaps?

Really? God is good and so merciful! Great is thy faithfulness, Great is thy Faithfulness morning by morning His mercies I see.....

Anonymous said...

Up and walking.... that's awesome! Step by step, day by day...keep doing what your doing - being Super Joel!
- djl

Sherrie said...

I agree with Marlece....hehe...
I believe Evey annointing her Dads head with lotion was very powerful. Love the updates. I believe the worst is done and just making sure normal is really normal is all there is left to do. God is so very good and I rejoice that he has been with both you and Joel throughout this week. (or should I say almost week, CRAZY, seems longer than that) Love youtr

Anonymous said...

So happy for you guys! Sounds like Joel is doing exceptional. Good job on keeping visits to a minimum Jill. Smart lady.
-Lisa Gill-