Tuesday, January 24, 2012


We are honestly quite overwhelmed at the response from our friends, family and strangers. All the love, encouragement and prayers are truly saturating our lives. 

Today is going OK. As well as it can be going as we are waiting for major life altering surgery. Its stressful.  Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.  Waiting for the steroids to do their job. Dealing with the side effects from these- anxiety, lack of focus, higher blood sugars, and increased appetite. Waiting for the next step. Waiting for doctors. Waiting for the next meal.

We have laughed alot today. We are loving the time we are getting together. We found comedy television is better than news. It makes us kinda sad. Politics do raise Joel's heart rate... 

Evey has had a good day, she does adore her MUMMUM so very much. She loves her days at busy bee. I can hardly wait to see her tonight. We miss her so much.

We are supposed to be napping, while we wait for a bed to open up on another floor. For now we are still in the ICU.  He is very stable, slightly weaker on the left side, that is obvious with his exhaustion. Even after morphine though he is still not drowsy. Please pray for rest for him. When the brain is as unhappy as his, we deal with alot of exhaustion. That needs sleep. Unfortunately the steroids are not allowing him to sleep easily. So instead its quiet time. 

Our view on life has been so humbled by the mere fact that life is truly so fragile. We are amazed at the grace that abounds in the most stressful of places. 

We have been talking about the what ifs. On some levels we are praying and expecting the best, but attempting to be realistic about the potentials. Our original neurosurgeon came in this morning, we are still waiting for our surgeon to visit.

What do we need? Well I don't really honestly know how to answer that. Obviously we have stresses about work, insurance, money, bills... thankfully this all will take care of its self.  Our daughter is well loved on by family and we have offers of help from several friends.  So what we really need are prayers. We love hearing other peoples stories, good and bad. Its both encouraging and humbling.  I am sure when we go home, meals and gift cards will be so appreciated. 

But as Joel says we have everything we need right now, in this minute. 

This is what we are living for. Right now

Pray for Joel as he is quite restless. Pray I can continue to be level headed, and present. God has been really strengthening me in this time. No other way to describe it. We are both very positive and feel good things are yet to come.

Our mailing address is

J&J Dougall
PO Box 40702
Eugene OR 97404



gg said...

You don't know me, Jill, but I'm first cousins with your mom. A California cousin. I am praying for you, Joel, the doctors and your sweet daughter.

This is life at it's most difficult but you will make it through this and be stronger than you knew possible. Try to live in the moment and enjoy each precious minute together. You are loved.

marlece said...

Hey Jill, Cousin Marlece here....glad to see you put a blog up for us to stay informed. Wow, talk about 'life interrupted' but so grateful we know our King who is in this from the beginning to the end whatever that all means. I'm glad Joel has you on his side, am glad you have parents who will take care of that Princess as you would or better (ha!) I will be praying for Joel with fervent and focused prayer. Thank God we have a Healer as our Lord, our precious Lord, who can guide that surgeons hands.... I believe this!

Love to you jill, Marlece

bsedens said...

Jill and Joel your NICU peeps are in constant prayer and mindfulness of you. It is amazing that we are comforted by your strength and faith... We want to be comforting you... Stay strong and know you a well loved...

Erin said...

Here is anther way to help:

Sign up to bring J, J & E meals!

If you would like to help stock their pantry and freezer early, please contact me at
erinziebart [at] gmail.com

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Tell Joel that his friends at ODOT - Springfield are all wishing him well. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Take care and God speed.
Your ODOT Family
(posted by Mauria)

Anonymous said...

Joel the gang at the Corvallis ODOT office are thinking and praying for you and your family. We share this with you: Phippians 4:6-7,"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus"
May God bless you with rest and peace as he walks with you through this journey!!!!

Meme said...

Jill, We are praying for Jesus to continue to give you strength & faith through this difficult time. We know our Great Physician and believe He will heal & provide a miracle for Joel. He hears our prayers and petitions and will make a way! We send our love to both of you and your little princess! Hugs to all of you!!

Eric Knapp said...

Hey Joel - I am looking forward to next football season so we can discuss how much better Boise State is than the Ducks. Your Friend Eric