Monday, February 20, 2012

Now we live our lives.

We had an oncology appointment today--  and at this point are doing what we thought would happen. We wait and see. We allow Joel's body to heal, and we pray to God that this tumor does not regrow. We are still pending some of the chromosome work from UCSF, and are praying that Joel indeed does have deletions, as this kind of tumor with specific deletions is more response to treatment if it is needed in the future. We also have put our name out for clinical trials, and research, as well the only way we will find a cure is by learning more about it. So more to come if we are eligible for trials at this time. So as of today NO CHEMO OR RADIATION at this point!!

Everyday despite not working (which we both are missing a bit) is feeling more and more normal. We get up and have a day. We are getting out a little more, but this is a lot of work for both of us. And Joel gets tired quickly. 

Still no seizure activity. Day 4 of no steriods, and more sleep for me!  Ha! Joel is now being tapered on two other medications, including his seizure med.

Joel has been having some vision issues so please pray specifically that God heal these.

We are so thankful everyday for progress. God is so faithful and just. We are tired at times, but we aren't weary.

Thank you for continued love! Your prayers, comments and letters in the mail are so encouraging. Thank you!

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