Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Phone calls!

Another day with phone calls, thankful Joel works for the state, and we have the union. We slept and  are glad princess is at preschool. We are really needing a different vehicle, our truck works fine, but its hard for Joel to get in and out of, and have Evey in the back and any gear. Anyone want to buy a 2003 toyota tundra?

Pray for these details. I do have pictures to post soon, but for now I need to run and take care of a few things. 


Chris Weigel said...

Though you guys had a 4-door Camry?

Journeying Through The Unknown said...

Yes we do, but Joel can not get in and out of it either.... its a wee bit too low... and its not the youngest of Cars--- its the commuter car.... The tundra has an access cab, its a great truck, yet it doesn't fit us anymore. Evey has no leg room! hehe