Sunday, February 5, 2012


I have pictures to follow, but had a fun day yesterday and a wonderful dinner last night! (Thanks!!) It amazes me how people know exactly what we want... but we don't have to say it. 

It been interesting to watch people in this. There are so many people that love and care. Yet so many respond differently. We continue to be thankful. And rejoice that God is loving and compassionate with so many things.

Our Princess is doing well, has a cold, and is a bit of a cling-on. We are so thankful for the family support and her preschool consistency. 

Joel rested more than me last night. It is so good for his mind and heart. I did get a little more rest this morning. I am now so aware that the days of sleeping in are rare and precious.

Tomorrow will prove to be a busy day-- Dr. Appointments! Be praying for us in those!

Today is the normal fun of SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!! WOOHOO... So excited!!!

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