Saturday, February 4, 2012

Love this sunshine.

Princess, Joel and I spent the morning with my parents. French toast, bacon and fruit... We love the feeling of home, and quiet. Love the time here as family. Not sure what we would do with out my parents, they are holding the fort down, cleaning up after us, helping with laundry. Yesterday we navigated showers, walks around the house and have found Joel lots of things to do with his bored self. He folded laundry. Played games with Evey. Even called his sister on her birthday!

Well he is doing good, once the steriods and seizure meds level off time will tell. These meds have made him a bit ummm hyper at times. His thoughts are very rapid. He likes to tell me while I slept how much I slept... "Jill, you slept 20 minutes" "ummmm babe... that wakes me up" This goes on all night... pretty much from 2am on. Ha!

Please pray this improves--- Also pray for the staples in Joel's head they come out monday, but are starting to feel irritated. 

Its a beautiful day outside, we are trying to go enjoy it. Belle is enjoying it too.. she loves laying in the sun. 

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Erin said...

So glad you had a good day :)