Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Home Sweet Home.

Good Morning!

We are live from home- Joel states he has "never been better." Princess will not let go. And me--- better but looking forward to nap time!!

Many Mommy Ducky days to come- Joel is steady on his feet, with a little help, and loves being out of the hospital.

We slept, some of us better than others. Joel is still adjusting to his new body, but is doing so beautifully.

I must admit, as my overtired self drove home from the hospital with my husband I cried. As we pulled up to the house, I cried as held my daughter I cried.

Here are a few pictures of these first moments. 

This made us both cry-

Princess immediately snuggled her ducky first. Not a dry eye. 

Normal feeling... tv watching life. I never thought I would miss Wonder Pets.

Watching chipmunks with Princess- She planned this!

This is medicine. This is beautiful.

Keep praying.


Shauna said...

Glad you are home!

Chris Weigel said...

well, your gonna make me cry. Glade to see you in a more comfortable, peaceful and warm place. my prayers are still on you guyz

Gloria Schroeder said...

Beautiful pictures! So glad you are home. Keeping all of you in my prayers.

Tresa Sandeds said...

So good to see you home! I'm crying! What a blessing! Thank you Lord for giving them these special moments!!

Karen Blikstad said...

Made me cry, you little turkey--but this time tears of joy. It's amazing how those simple pleasures we all take for granted can mean so very much, Wonder Pets and all. Love you!