Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ramblings from Joel-

(Wife disclaimer- Joel is not on narcotics, he is taking ibuprofen these days and is amazing. I am tired, but sleep will come, please do not try to rescue me, or worry about me being tired.) (Who wouldn't be tired if the longest day of their life was 8 days long in a hospital at her husbands side?!)( I got sleep last night and am looking forward to drugging Joel so he sleeps through the night nap time. We are all happy. Joel feels like the new him will be better than ever, his thoughts are quick at times a bit disorganized but coherent. So enjoy his ramblings.) He just said he is looking forward to visitors in time. But first his beautiful wife needs sleep.)


Wow! I feel so happy to be out of the hospital! but I am so thankful for everything and everyone's prayer and love and support! Wow I slept so good last night I know I am on drugs but I had the most amazing dream in my life! I dreamed that I was with Nanny and Grandma Dougall and Great Grandma Hobinsefikin. It was so amazing! It was like they they were my angels watching over me. It makes me cry happy tears.  I don't understand it but my dreams have never felt so real and comforting.  

Makes me love my daughter and wife so much! I don't know what was cut out of me on Thursday. but I cant wait to thank the doctor who did it. I am so proud of my brother mark and dad for running a 5K this morning. MY ONLY WORRY IS THAT MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE WONT GET ENOUGH SLEEP. She is so strong it amazes me, but she needs sleep.

I'm going to learn to speak  Chinese. 

Please don't worry about me I'm going to be back to work after a while and back to  bootcamp doing those seal claps and spastic "cheerlearderworkouts" with Allen.

I am enjoying this time with my baby girl. 

--Joel and I thank you so much for your continued love and prayers. We are so thankful for this covering. As for now we will continue to take life day by day. I urge you to do the same. Life is a precious gift. Do not plan for tomorrow, live for today.


Aaron Z said...

I love the aspirations Joel! You are a fighter my brother. Love you and keep healing well. :)

Carol said...

Glad you're home. Don't try to do too much too soon. Take it easy. Love, Uncle Bill and Aunt Carol

mom said...

I'm crying happy tears too, Son. Love you, Mom