Saturday, February 11, 2012

Car wash!

One thing we have always loved to do, is go through the car wash. Yes, you heard me right. Parents of young children understand what I am saying. The rest, who think we are crazy can just nod and smile! This morning we we loaded up in the car ( It was close to this afternoon, because I slept in! THANKS MOM and DAD!) and went through the car wash! It was so fun. So normal.

We ran by world market, and Joel did go in, just for a few minutes. We parked in our special spot and marched on it. We bought PEZ candy dispensers. (Evey's first time!!)

Normal. This felt normal.

Life. Its truly a blessing. Joel is really quite fresh out of this whole ordeal, but really has learned a lot about what is important. Love. Loving and respecting all. Loving your partner, your children and family.  Joel's heart has grown. In some ways his more of the Man I married years ago, in other ways--- he is even better. I know he will continue to change, as well all do. But this Joel 2.0 is a whole lot less cynical than Joel 1.0--- What this all means I don't know? I do know he, will continue to change with medication and time.  We do have moments with anxiety, tears, (on all sides) anger and frustration. But the Good moments FAR out weigh any other time. Joel is still busy and full of ideas.

Be praying as we taper more on the steroids- no more seizures! Pray for our neurology appointment on Monday- For this doctor to have wisdom to help us balance his medications a bit better. 

We are thankful to both be sleeping a little bit more. Day by Day. Joel is learning strategies for resting and being quiet. I feel like this is truly a  key in reducing seizure activity. We are so thankful at the love and generosity every day. You make going to the mail box FUN! Your support is sustaining us. Even if I don't need it today, in the month ahead our life will be quite tight.

I do miss working. I love my job. I love my work family. This is my work weekend, and I love our times together.  Right now, I know this is my job. Loving on my daughter--- and watching/loving  my spouse.

Joel and I continue to dream. We dream about being debt free, about vacationing in yep... Hawaii... We dream about getting a tent trailer so we can go on some road trips! (Yes we miss our Canada Family!) We dream of Disneyland ( I haven't been since I was three.) And visiting our family in AZ.  We even dream of another child. For those of you who really know us, know that fertility pregnancy and I well... ummm its a bit of a challenge.  But we hope. We hope for joy ahead. We find joy in the day we are in. Our lives are full. We laugh, we cry, we endure and we trust that these dreams are in hands greater than our own.

Forgive this scattered post, as well I had to take a break between start and finish. Nap time for my loves! My own mind is well.... busy-- its an organized busy, but no one else could figure out that organization.


Joel 2.0 said...

Also had a wonderful time with good friends this afternoon!

Lori said...

Jill and Joel,

I so know what you mean about the car wash. It's like me at work right now. I'm currently doing an 8 week practicum in the Central Sterile Processing department at the hospital here in Lethbridge, AB, and for some strange reason I am totally mesmerized by the Steris Tunnel Washers in our decontamination area. They have about 5 compartments on them and each has a window on one side so you can see what's going on in there, and I LOVE to watch the stuff as it is going through the WASH cycle. It's almost like watching a car wash and it's like watching one of those front loader washing machines with the soap and water spraying all over the front of the machine. hehehe I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I'll miss it this upcoming week as I move out of decontamination and into instrument assembly. *sigh*

Glad to hear that you are all learning how "normal" feels again.

Prayers with you all.

<3 hugs <3