Friday, February 10, 2012

Mornings of busy!

Had another morning of busy, which I suspect is the new normal. With my mom by my side, I had errands ran, truck vacuumed out and had gone to the chiropractor for myself. Snap Crackle Pop. At least I can move my neck a little better!! I did get our "special" parking pass, to make our trips easier. It is a little odd getting a disabled pass for your spouse, I thought that was something we were supposed to be doing in 50 years? (I plan on doing it then.)

We did have a bit of a rough night with some seizure activity starting up. Joel is doing better this morning, and is feeling better. He didn't get hurt and was stable through the event, but it is still a reminder that we are still just learning. Joel is starting to learn that when he feels anxious, maybe its more tired, and he needs dark, quiet music and rest. Day by Day we are learning to cope.

All my calls paid off the last few days. Paper work is arriving in the mail for several things, calls are being returned, and appointments are being made. 

Joel is napping, soon Evey will. Yep this is normal-- I think?

Keep praying for NO MORE SEIZURE activity. This scares Joel. (I kick into work mode and then am exhausted afterward.) Pray for continued protection for safety if these things are going to happen. 

Thank you for your love and prayers.

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