Friday, February 3, 2012

A little bit of normal.

How do I describe today? A little bit normal.

Cleaned the house, laundry was done, bills paid, naps done, showers given....  it is so refreshing to have a little taste of what is to come. Normal. Our new normal at least. We all take it for granted. We continue to be AMAZED by generosity of friends and new friends alike. 

 Joel is eating breakfast--- at the table!!

Belle joined us at my parents house-- she is quite happy! Joel loves seeing her!

Joel is moving more and more daily, his balance will still take time -but is improving. 

Monday we have Dr. appointments. One with an oncologist, the other is with the neurosurgeon. We still have tear filled moments, but mostly happy tears, as we are so thankful for the chance to fight this. This could have continued and advanced into something much worse, with time.

God is good. He is still amazing. Even when I am tired, worn out and discouraged. God is still God. He is still good. My family continues to be an encouragement. We remain hopeful for what is to come, but are taking each day at a time.

Continue to pray for our daughter during this adjustment time. Pray for my family as they continue to (do my laundry) support us and keep me from going crazy. Pray for Joel and I as we continue to fight together (not against eachother... I can't even get him to fight me.. ha!) Continue to pray that I stay healthy as well. 

What I am remembering and hearing shouted into my heart... when I am so frustrated is that God is God, and I am not. I can not see or understand what is next but I do know it is good. As a friend used to always say... and ingrained into me....  the best is yet to come.  (I still can hear you say it Andy.)

So we face another day, knowing that no one has the guarantee of the next day or next breath for that matter. Please keep joining us in the journey. Your love and prayers are overwhelming.  Your comments are encouraging as well. We are thankful.

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Shauna said...

Good news Cuz! Beautiful report!