Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day with my girls-

Spent the morning with my Mom and daughter. Let me just say this---  My mom and I are not gooshy emotional people, never has that been our case. Putting on our BIG GIRL pants is something we both have learned how to do, and it is really a  strength from our God. We both understand the importance that a few words of love and encouragement go a long way, too much can be suffocating. I am thankful that she my dad, along with my brother and his wife are our main supports, as they too understand this about me and Joel. Its not that we don't process or discuss things, Its really about the fact that we understand actions speak louder than words. You can say oh I am so proud, or I love you so many times, but without respect and action, these syrup filled words are meaningless.

That little note aside, we were able to spend time, just us girls and well... This makes way for a beautiful normal day of shopping, frozen yogurt and hair cuts. Don't get me wrong I did call numerous times to make sure Joel was doing ok. Dad was with him. And yes they were fine. (watching old duck football games) Princess has moments of tears, mostly cause she doesn't like to be away from her Ducky for long. But all in all it was really quite normal. It reminds me of all the hours and days I spent with my Mom and Grandma, thankful I have a daughter to pass this along! I found a new pair of jeans ( all my others are falling off) and they were on clearance! woot! $13 and a new tshirt for $2 HA! Sure is funny to think I only used to wear gap and other higher end clothes... but I guess that girl  left when I said "I DO." Good thing I have been a clearance shopping, coupon using mama for the last few years. And its so odd how God really does provide.

I am keeping quite busy, I have always enjoyed baking a little bit, and am really loving that I do have a little bit of time to experiment. My mom bought me a cake pan, that is a filled heart cake. (target clearance for $4) looks like this one---

We did stare at the cake pan for awhile, and finally found a solid blog help tutorial on how to use it, so maybe I will experiment soon. I do love fun shaped pans and tins! It is my secret kitchen love. So if I make this and do not fail too badly, maybe I will post pictures, otherwise I will use images from the wilton site. 

Monday is the day we find out UCSF and tumor board recommendations. Please be praying. This effects Joel, our long term fertility and overall his health. This also effects what is next and when I can begin to return to work. We are trusting God and thankful for all the capable and wise medical professionals in our life. 

Joel feels like his healing is body, mind, and spirit. His  heart has changed so much in the course of the last 3 weeks. I really do feel as though God had been working on him leading up to the weeks before we found the tumor. God has had a divine hand on so much that, I truly feel like the way was being prepared.

He has not been on steroids 2 days now. So far so good. He still thinks a 20 minute nap was a long time, but that aside he is a little bit slower. Do keep in mind this is good, as he had been bouncing around, and often resembled the energizer bunny. He likes to keep up on dishes, I can't complain. He also really enjoys recycling, "thank you Jim D." he says.  Folding laundry and overall lining/shuffing anything is filling his days. Joel has been playing is guitar and reading some too. I try an keep the stimuli from internet down, but Joel really likes the computer. This is an ongoing topic. Ha. Good thing neither of us are stubborn.

On a funny note, we misplace things at times, we are both apt to do this. Good things we both have head injuries. (Yes Kel, our fun has only just begun.)  Forgetting things, only for Princess us to remind us, may be our new normal. Good thing she is so smart. She tells her ducky. "Ducky enough computer."  baffled his listens. She often follows it with "MY TURN please" 

We continue to be thankful for provision, warm meals, and good friends. These visits break up our sometimes long days. 

Joel is wondering how long this blog post will be, to him I say as long as I want it to be, mostly because he is the only bugging me. I say one person is fine, two I will get of the computer. Besides I gave him a stack of presidential facts, that will keep him busy for 5 minutes. ;-)

Thanks for the continued prayers and love. We are so encouraged from all of you!

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Sherrie said...

I love this blog as then I don't have to call and get caught up. I think that is for all of your peace. (<: Love that I hear the Praises and the Prayer requests. Can't wait to hear about the next step and will continue to pray. Love you three!