Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another Upgrade!

Well I did mention another adventure!! I guess we could say it tended to come from left field! We got a call this evening from our oncologist and our tumor indeed got reviewed at UCSF today. The recommendation, well unexpected.

We get to go to San Fran in the next 2-6 weeks for yet another "de-bulking" What does this mean? Another crani- The surgeon in Cali feels as though there was more tumor left than he would have liked to have seen left. Due to the increased swelling it was a challenge to get all of the tumor- we knew this. We weren't expecting this. But we are ready to face it. This is one day at a time.

Despite a tearful start, we are remaining positive. God is faithful, we know he plans to prosper us, give us a hope and a future. We had been praying that the best medical professionals would make the best call. We are trusting that these doctors, who truly are some of the best in the nation are right.

This is another crani- he will have a similar or larger scar. We will have recovery and other issues. This procedure will have state of the art mapping during the procedure, potential radiation during the procedure... ect. Removing this tumor will give us the best long term prognosis.

There are good things, I am a little sad that we will have to be away, but thankful my Mom will be coming with Evey. This is good. I will miss being in my own hospital. This will be very HARD. But we are thankful!

Details will come with time. They will fall in place. For now. Day by Day. We plan on getting home. We want to be in our house by the next weekend. We are going to work at getting Joel as healthy as possible. We are going to focus on maintaining life as normally as possible!

Joel is so far tolerating a reduced dosage of his seizure meds! Evey is still not feeling super tonight. I am stressed a bit, but Joel is seemingly positive. He is calling it "Joel 3.0" as 2.0 may have a few glitches.

So for now~ Good night. Please keep praying for NO SEIZURES. Continued provision!! (This is going to cost alot... not sure how this will work, but God does provide!) Lastly for health for all of us.

Thank you for your love and prayers!


Joel 2.0 said...
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Joel 2.0 said...

God is love, God is Good!