Sunday, February 5, 2012

A busy day ahead.

Tonight we headed to bed early. Yep didn't even finish the superbowl, we had the best party and are so thankful to friends who made the day that much better.

Joel gets tired quickly. He always has, but now we understand the importance of sleep.

My mom is reading Princess a bed time story while I finish up some loose ends and paperwork for the drs to sign tomorrow.

We are going into tomorrow slightly nervous.. though we may not admit it, but confident that God is still in control. Joel has no fear, as he feels its all going to work out.

Still no seizures. Which I am SOOOOO thankful.

Please pray for rest and peace as we go into tomorrow. Its not every day you meet your oncologist.... ha! Not really the specialist we intended on having... haha but I guess we didn't plan on needing a neurosurgeon too. I was the one with the specialists, not him. ha!

We still hold so much hope for the future and our family. I still honestly have not given up on any dreams.

Hawaii still lays in the back of our mind... but for now its day by day. Our next big goal is home. But that is still a while away.

Thank you for following us on this journey. And praying daily.


Chris Weigel said...

How many tickets we talking here? :)
All three of ya or just you and "da big man"?
What time of the year were you guys thinking of going?
I think you guys need a vacation!!!

Chris Weigel said...

... how old is Princess now?

Journeying Through The Unknown said...

Oh man Hawaii for all three of us! hehe... Evey dreams of it too!! She is 3 1/2

Chris Weigel said...

Seems SOOOOOO stupid Evey has to be charged FULL price... ugh