Thursday, May 31, 2012


We have been keeping busy ! This beautiful weather is the best! Our vegi garden is coming along! Can hardly wait! The yard looks like its ready for fun and Joel mowed! Yup life is a bit more umm normal.. Minus Joel not yet at work... Believe me I am keeping him busy!

Joel is starting to feel a bit more normal... Wanting to do more everyday with a deep motivation to succeed.. It's nice to see this back.

We will have a birthday girl in June so plans are rolling. She loves birthdays! Any reason to party is her love! She gets so excited! Plus she is cute!

Be praying for specifically wisdom and provision for Joel to return to work. Continued healing and motivation.... And healing and no growth as we advance into our next scan... June 6

Also pray for rest for me, as I am too much of a night owl lately!

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