Friday, June 1, 2012

Warm days~!

This little girl of ours loves water and anything water related... Today was just warm and humid enough to break out the sprinkler. Joel likes water too... Our water dog well avoided it...

We had fun. I work tomorrow.. I wanna stay home and play... Ha! I have been home too long I guess! I love the sunshine! I just want to be outside all summer... I love eating outside too ! It's one of the best things ever! At least it's a cloudy weekend forecast and my work family is the best.

This next week will be busy!!! Joel has an appointment everyday Monday thru Thursday... Everyday! Ugh this may be a long week!

Be praying June 6 is our scan... We aren't anxious... Just eager..

We are so thankful for continued help from my parents. It's peace of mind to know that my family is being looked after.. But Joel is really doing better every day. It's just nice to have that safety net.

Here's to sleep as I seem to not get much lately! Pray I am rested and sharp this weekend as lives may depend on this!

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