Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cup of Tea

We have been busy. Today, was no exception. . Occupational therapy is great cause they help us see what I need to make Joel do and not myself do! My own mild traumatic brain injury is a challenge at times.. Still... Add in Joel, and we are easily distracted.... A little unfocused... Occasionally loose track of time And well all around funny!

The pollen is very high these days.. I am struggling to stop coughing, and Joel has sinus pain .. Yep we are a fine pair!

Princess has been busy too... Yesterday was a girl day.. Elmo live, her first pedicure with auntie e... A lunch out and other fun! She was worn out!! But had a blast!

We realize with each therapy appointment we have a ways to go... We are concerned about focus, I see this issue more than him, no shock! This is important as Joel is soon cleared to drive short distances!

Be praying for healing, specifically focus and energy! Also pray for me as I am really fighting this silly asthma...

We are having a garage sale, planting a garden, setting up Joels corner and attempting to focus on daily life this weekend! Thankful for very little appointments planned! I need a driving break! I miss my chauffeur!

On a silly note... Joel finally found a tea cup that fits!

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